Monday, August 25, 2008

Pirates and Princesses

My niece and nephew recently celebrated their birthdays.
They are now three and five. As usual, my incredibly creative sister made it a terrifically fun day! With twinkling lights, bubbles, a treasure hunt and over twenty pirates and princesses, everyone had a wonderful time!

One of the highlights was the chance to have a "temporary " skull and crossbones tattoo. My three-year-old, who lives life to the fullest, had to have four tattoos. And two weeks later, there they remain. Interesting , in combination with her still-chubby baby face and her little dresses.

This same little three-year-old, has, for the last several weeks been shortening all of the words she says. For example, chocolate milk has become "choc," pick me up is now, "pick," and so on. So you can see that it was inevitable that she tell the stranger at the grocery store that those things on her arm are her "tats."

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