Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Treasure - A Very Unusual Mockingbird

On Sunday, I heard a mockingbird singing. I was amazed when I finally spotted him (or her). He was unusually white. His face and breast were completely white, instead of the usual grey. His back looked a bit like a pied cockatiel He was definitely a mocker - you can tell by his wing bars and song. He sat still enough for me to take quite a few photos - several of which I have posted below. He doesn't look like an immature to me either. My thought was a variation of the normal color, or a partial albino. His eyes look a bit orange. I have also posted a short video. I apologize for the bumpiness - no time for a tripod! Any birders out there have any ideas?

And the video (please turn off my playlist to hear his beautiful song):


HandiCrafts said...

What a beautiful birdsong! I think it is a northern mockingbird-- here are some links

(If you scroll down there is a photo that looks like a skinnier version of your bird.)

This birdsong on this page sounds like yours somewhat

Cool facts on there too!

TheEye said...

How lucky are you! that's a wonderful set of photos you've captured. Lovely to see such a gorgeous bird. I've never seen one before..... :)

Anonymous said...

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