Monday, June 22, 2009

Beautiful Flowers Treasure Hunt - Image No. 10

white poppy

Taken in the incredible botanical gardens in Fort Bragg, CA.

Now, on to the next artist in the loop, Pam of alwaysartistic. Visit her beautiful Etsy shop here, and her incredible blog here.


EllieFitz said...

This looks like such soft tissue paper!

Marlene said...

Gorgeous, I have never seen a white poppy

Pam said...

This is another beautiful flower, I can tell just by looking at your pictures that the botanical gardens are really beautiful!

Allie said...

I thought so too, EllieFitz!

It was unusual, I thought, to see a white poppy.

Allie said...

The gardens in Fort Bragg are incredible - so much variety and right there by the ocean too! Definitely worth the drive!