Tuesday, January 19, 2010

i ♥ faces week 3 photo challenge "We are Family"

My entry is a photo from Mother's Day, 2006. My husband, our children and I were about to move across the country for an undetermined period of time. My mother's family met so we could visit our grandmother and see everyone before we left. It was a bittersweet day - good to see everyone, exciting to be beginning a new chapter in our lives, but sad to be leaving a place that had been home our whole lives, and leaving the people we loved most in the world.

This photo pictures my grandmother - a truly amazing woman - her strength, faith and ability to view life as a glass half full are inspiring to everyone lucky enough to know her, surrounded by her seven great-granddaughters. I love their expressions. This photo is also bittersweet for me - to see my grandmother aging is hard, but to see her influence on so many is remarkable.

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thanks for stopping by!
♥, allie


Tassi Smith said...

That is a great memory to capture.

Whimsical Creations said...

Beautiful photo.

readingsully2 said...

Good luck Allie on that move. HOpe it all worked out well for you. Your family is lovely. Such beautiful children. Your grandmother is a cutie.

Good luck with the contest too.

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Your photo captures the moment beautifully. Good luck on the contest!

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Allie said...

Thank you, ladies so much for stopping by! It was a wonderful day.

Karli said...

The girl in the front with her elbows on her knees is my favorite. She is soooo unamused!

Ellie said...

sweet photo! I love all the expressions on their faces :)