Saturday, December 6, 2008

Counting my Blessings

My children are the most incredible gifts I have ever received. Their joy, curiosity and love take my breath away. Although we are very close, I never lived full-time with my stepbrother and stepsister. Because of this, I grew up mainly as an only child, so one of the most wonderful (and the most challenging sometimes) parts of being a mom to these four little people, is watching their relationships with each other develop. I am so thankful that they have each other to share life with.

Even on the tough days, there is plenty to laugh and smile about around here....

Their Dictionary

gassilator - alligator
rangakoo - kangaroo
sand oliver - sand dollar
companio - piano
superball - superbowl
outside outside - inside out

The benefits (?) of having three older sisters:
So, to my four little buddies, thank you for filling my heart. I love you to the moon and back.


Klymyshyn Design said...

LOVE this post! --additional kid sized words:
heppacrawler for helicopter
but the MOST BESTEST (for adults only) was:
I was trying to get Chrissy off the bottle (soy-boob couldn't make that)--so I got a sippy transitional nipple for her bottle and started calling it her "funky ba-ba" her father's surprise, she came up to him (a bit irate) and yelled at him, "I want a EF-in' ba ba!!
He was SHOCKED...I was having a conniption fit (of laughter)...then I explained.

Alison Du Bois said...

What a lovely post ~ So sweet! When my son was little he couldn't say Lake Tahoe, instead it was Lake Taco...and it's remained that in our family for over 20 years.
Happy Holidays,

Whimsical Creations said...

Beautifully put!

mkcphotography said...

Allie, so sweet - thank you for sharing! I think our funniest vocab addition has been "Cannibal's Soups" instead of "Campbell's Soup" ... it is not a very appetizing song when sung that way, lol!

glassidentities said...

so very beautiful! Thanks to you my teenagers all just got hugged and kissed on :)

HandiCrafts said...

How cute!!