Sunday, February 15, 2009

6th in the 6th - I've been tagged by Giggleberry!

I've been tagged by Amy from Giggleberry Creations! The tag is to take part in the 6 by 6 game.
Choose the 6th image out of your 6th picture folder from your computer and blog it. Then tag 6 more people to do the same.

So, here is the 6th photo in my 6th album:

This photo is one of hundreds (maybe thousands) I took while we lived in California. We had a blast exploring all the parks in and around our home in the Santa Cruz mountains, and beyond. This was taken at Neery Lagoon Park - a super cool park with two playgrounds, sand to play in and a boardwalk through the water, perfect for the birdwatchers in our family. We had a great time that day, just playing and walking and taking photos. Good memories!

So now to tag my six - I am tagging:
1. Celtic Cat Photos
2. Rare Image Photography
3. Handicrafts
4. Julie Magers Soulen Photography
5. g(Art)en
6. mkc photography by Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes


HandiCrafts said...

fun idea!!

Jennifer Aitchison said...

I love Daisies!

You have been tagged, please see my blog :)

mkcphotography said...

thanks for the tag, allie - i love your image! i just put mine up, so you are welcome to stop by and see the 6th of my 6th :-D

Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

oooh. Is this a new look! It is lovely allie!

UrbanJunkies/zuppaartista said...

beautiful shot allie! :)

i tagged you for the 7&7 game!
stop by my blog when you get a chance! :)