Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One of my favorite things about being a mom

One of the best times in my day is when we are all riding home from school. I love hearing about their day - who they played with, what they learned. The excitement in their little voices makes me smile, and it is awesome to see them feel proud of themselves. More often than not, we also have quite a bit to laugh about together. And sometimes there is a lot for me to smile and laugh about to myself. These little moments a such gifts, and I am grateful for all of them.

Today, our first grader had an in-school "field trip." There are several of these a year, and the children absolutely love them. Here is my daughter's description of today's field trip on owls and bats:

"This is something so cool about owls! When an owl eats a mouse - owls don't have any teeth - so he just swallows the mouse whole. Then, the fur and the bones and the teeth of the mouse go into one part of the owl, then the meat goes into another part. The owl doesn't use the bones and teeth and fur. The owl waits for a while, then he throws all of that up. I made the promise not to say 'gross' or 'yuck,' so I didn't say those words."

I asked her if her field trip teacher had mentioned owl pellets.

Her response: "Oh, yes! They look like poop. She brought two of them and broke one of them open so we could see what it looked like inside."

My second grader: "What did it look like inside?"

My first grader: "It was cute!"

I am very happy that they are fortunate enough to have field trips like this. They love animals and nature already, something that we enjoy sharing with them. And hearing about owls and bats from someone other than bird-and-animal-obsessed me is awesome! Hopefully their love of nature and exploration will continue. I am looking forward to having more and more adventures together.

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